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About Us

Agri-Tech imports is an importing company establised in 2018 by farmers to source innovative solutions for on-farm needs.


Paul and Kyllee Henton are Dairy Farmers in Kelso, West Otago. In 2015/2016 they designed and built a covered feed pad for 600 cows. The feed pad was used in the 16/17 dairy season with a concrete floor. While fantastic gains were made in feed conservation and production the levels of lameness did increase in the herd and the shed was not able to be used to its full potential as a standoff/loafing pad for weather/pasture protection as the cows could only be kept standing on concrete for a limited time.


In 2016, they sourced a company overseas who were able to design a mat to their specifications and manufacture to the quality they wanted. In 2017, they imported the rubber matting for their own shed and self installed in the middle of calving. The change to the cows was immediate and the heifers were the quickest to adapt. A sign that a cow is comfortable with what is underfoot is that she is happy to lie down (loaf).


While they had a mild spring and a heavy dump of unseasonable snow in November, the following summer was extremely hot and so the shed was used extensively to provide the herd with shade and access to water and feed under cover.


This spring they will be using the shed and rubber matting to transition the springers and reduce feeding space pressure on their calving pad by only moving cows on there when they are within a couple of days of calving.


Due to the quality of the mats and the increase in their herd comfort and welfare, Paul and Kyllee have established a business to import the rubber mats for other farmers and horse owners in New Zealand. We welcome visitors to our farm, however ask that this be by prior appointment only so that we can manage health, safety and bio-security on the property. For further information or to arrange a visit please contact us.

Learn about our dairy operation, White River Dairies.

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