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Air-cushioned comfort because your cows deserve the best

Rubber Matting for Cows 

Agri-Tech Imports is a New Zealand owned company established by dairy farmers, Kyllee and Paul Henton, who live with their children in Kelso, Otago, New Zealand. Wanting to provide their dairy herd with the best care and comfort available, they began their pursuit to find the ideal rubber mat flooring for their wintering shed.


Disappointed by everything they found and tried on the market, they custom designed their own mats to create a durable, premium quality product, and sourced an international company to produce them. Ecstatic with the results of their rubber mats, they now import and supply cow, horse and deer owners throughout New Zealand. 


A sign that a cow is comfortable with what is underfoot is that she is happy to loaf (lie down).

When we laid our rubber mats in our wintering shed, the heifers were the fastest to adapt.


Increased Comfort


Increased Milk


Increased Income


Comfy Cow rubber mats are a heavy duty interlocking rubber mat designed for using in wintering sheds, holding pens and work areas.

Each mat is 30mm thick, 1.8m x 1.2m x 30mm and covers 2 sqm when laid and interlocked with other mats. They weigh 53kg a piece and have a specially designed air-cushion comfort base with a textured top for increased grip. 

They are made from a 50:50 blend of recycled and new rubber for sustainability and durability.

Available for immediate delivery nationwide. Order directly through us or via your local Farmlands store.



  • Reduced slippage due to grip pattern on the top surface. Cows exhibit normal behaviour on the rubber surface including cycling activity.

  • Deep air-cushion pattern on the underside surface increase comfort and give support.

  • Cows are comfortable to lie down for extended periods. 

  • Cows can be held off pasture on mats for longer periods than when standing on thinner rubber mats or concrete.

  • Better welfare for cows in extreme weather events including snow, torrential rain and flooding if your shed or feed pad has rubber matting installed.

  • Reduced lameness due to the soft surface and increased grip.

  • Walking, standing, pushing and pivoting on concrete causes white line damage due to the lateral forces being applied to the hoof, stones on concrete cause sole bruising and punctures.

  • Rubber mats are warmer than concrete in cold weather and provide more cushioning on joints when standing or lying.

  • Improved cow flow through yards and cowsheds when rubber matting is installed


  • Protects pasture, increased pasture yields when standoff pads are used in bad weather due to reduced pugging of soil and pasture, increased pasture persistence.

  • Increases the use of existing infrastructure, rubber used in the holding yard of the dairy shed allows that area to be used for standoff when needed making use of a pre-existing effluent collection area.

  • Rubber mats are easily cleaned by scraping, hosing and flood-washing.  Ideal for green-wash systems.

  • Easier to clean as they are non-porous. Ideal for bio-security areas e.g. calf sale pens, truck loading pens, etc. as they are easily washed with disinfectant and sprayed with viracides.

  • Can be used for wintering pads and sheds at runoffs reducing the need for nutrient transfer between blocks.

  • Helps protect soil structure by removing cattle from pasture at vulnerable times

  • Helps prevent nutrient loss by ultilising existing shed or feedpad/barn effluent capture systems

Comfy cow rubber matting (4).jpg


  • Feed pads

  • Wintering barns 

  • Dairy shed yards 

  • Surface of herringbone sheds 

  • Rotary shed entrances & exits (critical) 

  • Underpasses

  • Bridges

  • Cattle yards

  • Weigh platform surfaces

  • Holding pens

  • Crushes and head-bails

  • Calf trailers


Need more information?

If you would like more information about our products, we would love to hear about your project ideas. Please call Paul Henton on 0272 443 354 or email Kyllee and Paul at and we will get back to you.

Comfy Cow rubber matting has been laid in our wintering shed located at Kelso, West Otago, New Zealand. We would love you to come and have a look and welcome visitors by appointment.

PS - Horses love our rubber mats too!! Visit our Comfy Equine page for more information on using our rubber mats to improve animal welfare and horse comfort on your property. You can also find more information about our rubber mat flooring solutions on our home page and Agri-Tech Imports Facebook page.

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