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Comfortable Mats Vs Bed of Nails

What are you standing on? Every agri rubber matting company out there says their mats are designed for animal and human comfort, but are they?

Comfy cow rubber matting in situ.
Our Comfy Cow rubber matting in situ. Note how many bolt heads you can't see.

Let us show you how our rubber mats are better because the truth is in the design. Unlike other rubber mats available in today’s market, ours are designed of quality rubber and of a thickness that allows them to be anchored at entry/exit points and sides only, as opposed to every corner of every mat. That means less bolts are needed, which saves you money and ensures a secure, more comfortable fit for your space, whether it’s for you, your staff or your animals. It defeats the purpose of installing rubber mats for comfort, if you’re putting four hard, uncomfortable bolt heads in each corner of every mat to secure them. No one wants to stand on a bed of nails (or bolt heads in this case).

So how do our mats stay in place? Our rubber mats are interlocking and heavy duty. Their sheer weight stops them from shifting even when they're below a heavy load. The mats are formed by a hot pour into a mold/press that results in an even, homogenous texture to the rubber throughout the mat – there are no granules or shreds of rubber to crumble off.

Thicker edges and corners of the mats reinforce the edges to prevent them from curling and lifting. This edge reinforcing can’t be achieved with laser cut mats.

Concrete fasteners are still necessary using our product, however, only at the entry and exit points or along external edges. The difference between a product like ours (as shown above) versus a mat which needs to be secured in every corner (like the image below) could be 50 bolts versus 10,000 bolts for lining the ground of a large wintering barn.

rubber mat with bolt fixings
Excessive use of bolts to secure mats means less comfort.

Think about how much bolts cost and the mount of a labour required to install them - it's a lot of drilling! Then ask yourself, would you prefer to stand on a bolt infested surface or a bolt free one? Chances are your cows, horses and deer feel the same way. Comfort was front of mind for us when we custom designed our product. That’s why for those areas that require fasteners, we have a countersunk hole in the corner of our mats allowing the bolt head to sit below the mat's top surface. So even if you are standing in an area that requires fixing, you won’t feel the bolt head below your feet or hooves. An important feature to help prevent lameness. ​

If you are planning on buying and installing a rubber mat surface on your farm or in your stables, float, work area, please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. We welcome the opportunity to quote for you and to help you achieve an optimal solution that will last. Call +64 3 204 2456 or

Paul on +64 272 443 354 or Kyllee on +64 276 888 677.


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