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About Comfy Equine Rubber Mats

Comfy Equine Rubber Mats are a heavy duty interlocking rubber mat designed for using in stables. Each mat is 30mm thick, weighs 53kg and has a specially designed Air-Cushion comfort base and a textured top for increased grip.

Each mat is 1.8m x 1.2m x 30mm and covers 2 sq m when laid and interlocked with other mats.

Our mats are made from a 50:50 blend of recycled rubber and new rubber for sustainability and durability.

We are very exciting to have received our new shipment of Comfy Equine Rubber Mats. Available for immediate delivery nationwide.

Please ring Kyllee Henton 027 6888 677 or email to discuss your project.

Comfy Equine Rubber Matting has been laid in my stables located at Kelso, West Otago. We would love you to come and have a look. We welcome visitors by appointment.


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