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Rubber Mats for Equine Events!

Gina Schick is a Comfy Equine rubber mat client. Read her testimonial to see what she has to say about our products and how it assists her operation. - - -

"I run 'EventStars', an operation that rehomes around 350 off the track Thoroughbreds per year. I have 2 covered yards that we used to groom and tack up in, and for some time had debated what surface to put down - I needed something affordable, durable and low maintenance - the Comfy Equine rubber matting fits all the criteria!

A huge bonus is that you don't have to lay concrete underneath it, so a considerable saving on this front. It is easy to sweep and hose, has excellent grip for when it's wet, and despite being laid for over a year and having the better part of four hundred horses over it, still looks virtually brand new, albeit a bit dusty!

I highly recommend the rubber matting for any equine yard - treat yourself and your horses, you won't look back!"

~ Gina Schick, Event Stars


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